Re: Scientists think that animals think:

From: Steve Drew (
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 22:06:54 GMT

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    Hi Philip,

    > Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 11:54:12 -0900
    > From: "Philip Jonkers" <>
    > Subject: Re: Scientists think that animals think:
    > The conception that we humans exclusively have access to the highest of
    > congnitive functions is due to
    > vestigial anthropocentric thinking mainly caused by religious sentiments I
    > think. As with any religious matter
    > anthropocentric conceptions deserve no true place in science other than,
    > perhaps, itself be the subject
    > of scientific investigation. It comes as no surprise to me that animals in
    > fact, have notions about themselves
    > their social lives and make anticipations about their environment albeit
    > necessarily crude and primitive of course.
    > We evolved from animals so I have no problems accepting that we also
    > inherited and subsequently
    > further evolved into high sophistication a large part of the high cognitive
    > functions we now have.

    I agree.

    The article i posted on Koko the gorilla convinced me. My only are of doubt
    is whether animals are capable of memes.
    > What's with this stuff about Dutch being boring.... :'-(

    I'll swap Amsterdam for Bradford (UK, not PA) on a night out!


    > Philip.

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