Re: FW: MD Dawkins on quantum/mysticism convergence

From: Steve Drew (
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 21:01:43 GMT

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    Subject: Re: FW: MD Dawkins on quantum/mysticism convergence
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    Hi Douglas,

    > Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 21:57:15 +0000
    > From: Douglas Brooker <>
    > Subject: Re: FW: MD Dawkins on quantum/mysticism convergence
    > Hi Steve
    > Steve Drew wrote:
    >> The tension between prescriptive and descriptive in the social sciences is a
    >> tension between the social and the science to my mind. The social to
    >> interfere and change, and the science to observe, record and interpret. how
    >> is this any different from say, genetics?
    >> BTW, most social scientists i have encountered do not like memetics.
    > Have any offered any interesting reasons?

    Not too sure if they count as interesting, more expected.

    I was an undergraduate when i first brought the subject up with some of my
    lecturer's, so they were fairly dismissive.

    A part also related to the fact that we are very short on theory,
    practicality and experiments etc (Good job physics and biology weren't
    jacked in at the first hurdle!).

    They don't like biology encroaching on their turf if it can be helped.

    The final one is the oddest and that it seemed to me to be a fear of the
    mechanistic view that could be implied from it. This was from structural
    functionalists with Marxist theoretical leanings!



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