Re: Cultural traits and vulnerability to memes

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Date: Sun Mar 17 2002 - 20:27:19 GMT

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    > >
    > >Right. Things would continue to float around in the universe but the
    > >would not be called spacetime.
    >How could anything "continue" without time? Again you're covertly assuming
    >its existence while overtly denying it.
    I'll say it again -- continue refers to motion. Time refers to the
    measurement of motion. Motion will continue whether we measure or notice it
    in any other way or not. Time does exist within our minds and culture. It
    would not exist without us. A rock moving from point A to point B is about
    motion. If the motion doesn't stop, it continues. The notion that the
    rock has been moving for three days or 72 hours is about time. These are
    different concepts -- in my mind, anyway. That rock took "three days" to go
    from point A to point B compares the motion of the rock to the motion of the
    earth. That's a statement about time. "The rock traveled 3000 miles." is a
    statement about motion. The two statements are not talking about the same

    I'm not claiming time doesn't exist. I'm talking about where it exists:
    within us. It's a concept, an observation, a comparison, something done by
    someone, not a property of the thing being observed.



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