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Date: Sun Mar 17 2002 - 11:44:06 GMT

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    From: Philip Jonkers <>
    > Thanks for your explanations Kenneth. I recognize that Yates' actions were
    > understandable
    > in her own eyes. But I don't think one can call them rational unless you
    > willing to
    > accept a more subjective definition of the word. To me the being rational
    > synonymous
    > to a natural or logical code of conduct with a minimum use of extrasensory
    > assumptions or
    > basis. Ideally rather than usually perhaps, the rational mindset is owned
    > the majority
    > of a population.If not, the population is likely to ultimately perish or
    > suffer as their ill-founded
    > actions are not compatible with nature or (rivaling) groups which do
    > to be rational.
    > Take the nazis as an example.


    I think taking the Nazis is a bad example.
    In Germany of the early '30 and early ' 40 the majority owned the rational
    mindset but did choose for Hitler !
    In their way_ war was the only option left open_ of course, the choise
    was largely induced by the Nazi- propaganda machine, but nevertheless !

    And to pre- suppose that the rivaling groups ( Europe) was ' rational' in
    the ' 40, I doubt that ! Seen now of course.
    Germany had lost for a great deal its social and cultural capital and was
    in more sense than others an outcast due to what happened 20 years
    OTOH, Europe was in complete turmoil, the ways by which German
    politicians were thinking was greatly influenced by guys like Heidegger,
    Nietzsche, Smitt, Jaspers. The Weimar- politics were not forgotten !
    To survive, the German people choose the best, possible option to them.



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