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Date: Sun Mar 17 2002 - 11:30:33 GMT

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    From: Grant Callaghan <>
    > For eons, farmers in China have been leaving their female children out in
    > the cold to die because they only wanted male children. Farmers in India,
    > even today, take their wives to a special shop that does sonograms (isn't
    > science wonderful?) to see if an unborn baby is male or female. If it's
    > female, an abortion is called for. In a way, that's progress. They used
    > have to wait until the baby was born and then kill it. They were reacting
    > to social pressure but thought what they were doing was rational.


    Damn, sorry, just forgot those obvious facts !
    Thanks, Grant for refreshing my memory.
    Of course, the One- Child- Policy in China, ( Little Emperors) is an obvious
    example as to what extent people treat their ' children '.

    And in the Yates- case, where was the husband, I wonder. Did he ever
    care about the curlings in her hair....
    Just for the sake of some obscure religious belief he, and in a way she too,
    denied his wife ( herself) a life.

    And where were the feministst !? Those who speak so highly of woman-
    rights and ' master- of our own body ' !?
    Memes, I hate them when they act so self- interested !



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