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    From: Lawrence DeBivort <>
    > The insanity defense has always intrigued me, as it seems to suggest that
    > the greater and more bizarre the crime, the more credibility the claim of
    > insanity would be. Might this not simply encourage petty criminals and
    > killers to exaggerate the nature of their crimes so as to lay the
    > for an insanity plea? It is no wonder that juries are skeptical, and, I
    > think, properly so.


    Yes, but the difference, at least here in Belgium, insane people get treated
    and walk away freely after a few years ( healed !?). In that sense the in-
    sanity plea is the best, possible avaible to get Yates of the hook.
    The plea is the closest one the defense will ever get to get an acquittal.

    And I don 't think petty criminals will encourage themselves to plea for
    insanity, though.
    We had here, a few weeks ago the Pandy- case. Father and daughter,
    mixed up in incestious relationship, allegedly killed 6 family-members and
    let disappear their bodies by dripping them into an acid bath of some
    toilet- destop- product.
    Exaggerated, no it works, insanity- plea no !
    The defense argued that there were no bodies found, so no crime was
    But father and daughter were comdemned. You need some bias to plea



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