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Date: Sat Mar 16 2002 - 17:08:09 GMT

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    Lawrence DeBivort wrote:

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    > Glenn Bradford <> wrote:
    > Richard Dawkins, in a Forbes article written three
    > years ago, speaks his
    > mind on the notion, popularized by Fritjof Capra
    > and others, that the
    > science of quantum mechanics is converging with
    > religious mysticism.
    > DAWKINS:
    > [A] kind of marriage has been alleged between
    > modern physics and
    > Eastern mysticism. The argument goes as follows:
    > Quantum mechanics, that
    > brilliantly successful flagship theory of modern
    > science, is deeply mysterious
    > and hard to understand. Eastern mystics have
    > always been deeply
    > mysterious and hard to understand. Therefore,
    > Eastern mystics must have
    > been talking about quantum theory all along.
    > Similar mileage is made of Heisenberg's
    > uncertainty principle ("Aren't we all,
    > in a very real sense, uncertain?"), fuzzy logic
    > ("Yes, it's okay for you to be fuzzy,
    > too"), chaos and complexity theory (the butterfly
    > effect, the Platonic, hidden
    > beauty of the Mandelbrot Set--you name it,
    > somebody has mysticized it and!
    > turned it into dollars). You can buy any number of
    > books on "quantum
    > healing," not to mention quantum psychology,
    > quantum responsibility,
    > quantum morality, quantum immortality, and quantum
    > theology. I haven't
    > found a book on quantum feminism, quantum
    > financial management, or
    > Afro-quantum theory, but give it time.
    > The whole dippy business is ably exposed by the
    > physicist Victor Stenger in
    > his book, The Unconscious Quantum, from which the
    > following gem is taken.
    > In a lecture on "Afrocentric healing," the
    > psychiatrist Patricia Newton said that
    > traditional healers "are able to tap that other
    > realm of negative entropy--that
    > superquantum velocity and frequency of
    > electromagnetic energy--and bring
    > them as conduits down to our level. It's not
    > magic. It's not mumbo jumbo. You
    > will see the dawn of the 21st century, the new
    > medical quantum physics really
    > distributing these energies and what they are
    > doing."
    > Sorry, but mumbo jumbo is ! precisely what it is.
    > Not African mumbo jumbo but
    > pseudosc! ientific mumbo jumbo, down to the
    > trademark misuse of the word
    > energy. It is also religion, masquerading as
    > science in a cloying love
    > feast of bogus convergence.
    > --

    and memetics is a science?

    sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

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