FW: MD Dawkins on quantum/mysticism convergence

From: Lawrence DeBivort (debivort@umd5.umd.edu)
Date: Sat Mar 16 2002 - 13:00:37 GMT

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    Good morning, everyone,

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        Glenn Bradford <gmbbradford@netscape.net> wrote:

        Richard Dawkins, in a Forbes article written three years ago, speaks his
        mind on the notion, popularized by Fritjof Capra and others, that the
        science of quantum mechanics is converging with religious mysticism.

        [A] kind of marriage has been alleged between modern physics and
        Eastern mysticism. The argument goes as follows: Quantum mechanics, that
        brilliantly successful flagship theory of modern science, is deeply
        and hard to understand. Eastern mystics have always been deeply
        mysterious and hard to understand. Therefore, Eastern mystics must have
        been talking about quantum theory all along.

        Similar mileage is made of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle ("Aren't
    we all,
        in a very real sense, uncertain?"), fuzzy logic ("Yes, it's okay for you
    to be fuzzy,
        too"), chaos and complexity theory (the butterfly effect, the Platonic,
        beauty of the Mandelbrot Set--you name it, somebody has mysticized it
        turned it into dollars). You can buy any number of books on "quantum
        healing," not to mention quantum psychology, quantum responsibility,
        quantum morality, quantum immortality, and quantum theology. I haven't
        found a book on quantum feminism, quantum financial management, or
        Afro-quantum theory, but give it time.

        The whole dippy business is ably exposed by the physicist Victor Stenger
        his book, The Unconscious Quantum, from which the following gem is
        In a lecture on "Afrocentric healing," the psychiatrist Patricia Newton
    said that
        traditional healers "are able to tap that other realm of negative
        superquantum velocity and frequency of electromagnetic energy--and bring
        them as conduits down to our level. It's not magic. It's not mumbo
    jumbo. You
        will see the dawn of the 21st century, the new medical quantum physics
        distributing these energies and what they are doing."

        Sorry, but mumbo jumbo is ! precisely what it is. Not African mumbo
    jumbo but
        pseudosc! ientific mumbo jumbo, down to the trademark misuse of the word
        energy. It is also religion, masquerading as science in a cloying love
        feast of bogus convergence.

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