Re: Cultural traits and vulnerability to memes

From: Wade T.Smith (
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 01:22:00 GMT

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    Hi Scott Chase -

    >I guess to sum it up, there's acquired and inherited aspects of wiring.

    There is hardwiring which is developmental and _requires_ input, like
    language. And culture. And memes. I would not call this 'acquired
    wiring', but acquisition it certainly is. The tools of acquisition and
    the places to put what is acquired are parts of what is 'hardwired'.

    All creatures have unique elements of acquisition- their individually
    evolved senses- and homo sapiens has (to all evidences and with sprinkled
    and carefully constrained exceptions) a unique system of retention and
    utilization of these acquisitions. I prefer the memetic side be the
    utilization side. But, I do think (personal feeling, and regardless of
    the fact that I'm not convinced, and I totally see an equal balance of
    argument from the other camp, and I will sometimes raise the points of
    either side) that memetics is unique to homo sapiens.

    - Wade

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