Fwd: Predicting the Stock Market Is Child's Play

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    Predicting the Stock Market Is Child's Play


    March 14, 2002 11:24 am EST

    LONDON (Reuters) - A five-year old girl has beaten a financial analyst
    and an astrologer in an experiment to find the most accurate stock market
    predictions over a year, organizers said on Thursday.

    Tia Lavern Roberts not only outperformed her fellow participants in the
    National Science Week challenge but defied a 16 percent drop in Britain's
    FTSE 100 index of leading shares with her selection of issues.

    Her fantasy $7,000 portfolio rose 5.8 percent, while the one selected by
    analyst Mark Goodson lost 46.2 percent over the year. Astrologer
    Christeen Skinner's portfolio dropped 6.2 percent.

    Goodson used his years of expertise and computer analysis, and Skinner
    based her selection on planetary movements.

    "During an unstable year for the stock market...Tia's random selection
    has still managed to outperformed the others," Richard Wiseman, a
    psychologist from the University of Hertfordshire who devised the
    experiment, said in statement.

    Tia thought it was "wicked" that she'd beaten the market, the statement

    Her tips for this year's investors were Cadbury Schweppes, Northern Rock,
    Prudential, Pearson and Shell Transport.

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