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Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 00:13:21 GMT

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    You've probably been here before with the Kansas(?) saga, but for those of
    us not in the USA have a look at this link.

    This seems to be a sneaky way to put god back into creation.

    In the Kansas saga they tried to get evolution describe as a theory that
    required equal weight be given to the bible. If i am correct, the people who
    enacted this were thrown out once the parents found that their kids biology,
    geology etc qualifications would be worthless if this BS continued.

    This is more subtle and deserve some attention. They do not deny Darwin or
    geology for now, but have opted for the Intelligence By Design idea. I.E.
    the universe is too well integrated and complex to have come about,
    therefore it must have been designed. Though they say it doesn't have to be
    god as the designer, to my mind that is the eventual aim.

    Sex has gone on throughout human history, obviously! without knowing it was
    contributing to human evolution. Similarly, people have released powerful
    memes without knowing they are doing it.

    We need to watch out for this one.



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