Re: Cultural traits and vulnerability to memes

From: Jeremy Bradley (
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 11:30:56 GMT

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    At 06:32 PM 11/03/02 -0500, you wrote:
    >Hi Steve Drew -
    >>> Hardwiring is not a defense against variance.
    >>Yes it is. It works or it doesn't.
    >Hmm. I more meant to mean- you can't use variety in behaviors to deny
    >>Discovering nothing can still be of value.
    >Somewhere I saw another quote about that essence of science, and yes, it
    >certainly is and can.
    >>> And evolution is a system of developing hardwiring.
    >>It can be, that's why species go extinct. Too ossified to change.
    >And I more meant to mean, evolution is a system of presenting the
    >Memetics is generally one of the developments in thought that we've
    >needed once we figured out, if we have figured out, that homo sapiens
    >doesn't really do instinct any more. Or else we do and we're just too
    >close to it to see it that way. We'd all like to see the report of an
    >extraterrestial ethnographer. Well, as long as it wasn't a clam....
    >- Wade

    Hi All
    Isn't hardwiring the same thing as instinct?
    As I commented a few daze ago, there are a lot of ways of looking at time
    (and I have learned a few more since then). If major cultural concepts,
    (megga-memes?), such as a culturally shared notion, or perception, of time,
    lead to formation and transmission of minor memes (such as the notion that
    time may be wasted for example) which may be totally alien to a member of
    another culture, does this notion of time constitute a trait, and does this
    notion of time make us 'vulnerable' to such memes as time is (or isn't) a
    wasetable commodity?
    As for ET ethnographers, they would probably classify us as chimps with
    strange and destructive behaviours

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