Re relationships among memetics, semiotics, and Kuhnian view of s cience?

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Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 09:50:19 GMT

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    Subject: Re relationships among memetics, semiotics, and Kuhnian view of s cience?
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    Welcome Jim

    >There are relatively obvious potential relationships among memetics, semiotics, and Thomas Kuhn's description of how scientific theories
    are created and sustainedBefore putting a lot of energy into describing these relationships I was wondering if any of this has been a
    previous subject of discussion or if there are previous articles in the area. Like to avoid reinventing the wheel.>

    See David Hull Science as a Process (1988 Chicago University Press) or Price (1995) Organisational Mmemetics, Organisational Learning as a
    Selection Process (URL below)

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