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    Hi Ned

    > Date: 10 Mar 2002 20:51:03 -0700
    > From: Ned Wolpert <>
    > Subject: Re: Rumsfeld Says He May Drop New Office of Influence
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    > On Sun, 2002-03-10 at 16:13, Steve Drew wrote:
    >>> Yes, but only for the few; its not widely available in current educatio=
    > n
    >>> systems. (Least here in the USA) In general, philosophy seems to be
    >>> dying, but that may be just my perspective. =3D20
    >> =20
    >> No philosophy is not dying. Its just moved from the ivory towers to the
    >> streets and ghettos. People will always question 'why am i here' etc, and
    >> long may people ask questions.
    > I have to disagree somewhat. Yes, its moved from the ivory towers, but
    > it always was widely available to the general public on the street. Now
    > it seems that fewer people are asking philosophical questions. More
    > specifically, it may just be my perspective since I'm referring to folks
    > directly around me. Sure, I can find people on the Internet, but
    > face-to-face, it gets harder to find.

    I see what you mean now. I don't think the general public is any different
    than what it always been, something that Aristotle and Marx were aware of.
    The day to day grind precludes this for many as it is too much effort. But
    you will find philosophy on the fringes of society rather than the
    mainstream, such as the green movement, animal rights, Quakers.

    I'm reasonably lucky that i do have a couple of friends who's interest are
    not taken up by sport etc and we can discuss many things. It has always,
    IMO, been hard to find others that want to think when there all the
    distractions that society offers people. I get the mickey taken out of me at
    work (and by my Mum) - "another course? What's it for..... What use is
    it...etc etc.

    Once you start there is no going back....thankfully.
    >>> The short of it is this: "I think I understand memes, but now what?"
    >> =20
    >> If you understand memes please give me a few lessons. After 3 years i'm
    >> still discovering new things :-)
    > Ah, I said I _think_ I understand. I'm not sure that I _do_ understand.
    > :-) (And understanding doesn't mean unable to learn more.)
    > =20
    > - --=20
    > Virtually,=20
    > Ned Wolpert <>



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