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Date: Sat Mar 09 2002 - 20:05:21 GMT

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    From: Steve Drew <>
    > Exactly. Its the memes they have taken on board over time. Unfortunately,
    > once taken on they are dificult to lose. IMO it takes rational decisions
    > make a choice. rational decisions are undermined by the emotional
    > that we attach to certain memes.

    Hi Steve,

    Exactly ! Our own funny moods about zionism, semitism and racism are
    blocking our ways_ the historical events of WO II makes us emotional
    attached/ bounded with the Jews and thus with Israel ( not with the Pales-
    tinians) in such a way that we don 't dare to be against Jews.
    And by the way, here atleast in Belgium, it is by law forbidden to be
    anti- Jews or to be anti- semitic. The government is choosing the memes
    for us !

    And, no offence intented ( this is hot issue), in that way, keeping the
    historical events in mind, we don 't dare to point our finger towards
    Israel and condemn them.... and I don 't mean some obscure resolution
    in the VN which will be blocked by the US !



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