Re: Toward a solution: Israel and Palestine

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Date: Sat Mar 09 2002 - 15:48:34 GMT

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    "If a solution is to be found, these memetic locks must be broken. We must
    look beyond the past and the recriminations that the past so richly gives
    rise to. The nightmarish present is the only reality that really matters at
    this point, that and the faint shimmerings of a cooperative solution, where
    those may be discerned amidst the carnage."

    IMHO the only memetic locks are in your head! :o) The recent escalation of
    violence does not simply represent an unfortunate cycle of contagion (excuse
    me for assuming that is what you were suggesting). I think such a position
    may underestimate certain aspects of the past and future that IMO are
    crucial to a proper understanding of what is now happening in

    Two important aspects of past/future are:

    PAST - The Olso Accords, the setting up of an independent Palestinian
    Authority and security apparatus, and increasing hope - if not real hope -
    in the hearts of Palestinian people that an autonomous and sovereign
    Palestinian state would exist in their lifetime.

    FUTURE - Long predicted and hinted at American war against Iraq. A war that
    will no doubt require support of regional Arab governments (as much as the
    war in Afghanistan has required their acquiescence).

    How are these aspects of the past and future related to present events in

    One good way America can achieve Arab support is by putting pressure on
    Israel to make concessions over Palestine. After the Oslo Accords, however,
    there are few real concessions Sharon can make that would be popular in the
    Arab world and yet would be short of forcing Israel to endorse a slippery
    slope towards a "viable" Palestinian state. Underneath his callous
    exaptation of the term 'terrorism' for his war against the Palestinian
    Authority, Sharon is calculating that an unravelling of Palestinian gains
    thus far - territorial encroachment into the PA, undermining Palestinian
    security force, de facto non-recognition of Arafat - will mean that when
    concessions have to be made in the face of America's likely war in Iraq, at
    worse, Israeli-Palestine affairs will be returned to status-quo ante, prior
    to Oslo, and thus no Palestinian state will have had to be bargained into

    ..... or perhaps I'm victim of a conspiracy theory meme?

    Hoping to be enlightened,



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