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Date: Thu Mar 07 2002 - 21:55:56 GMT

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    Hi Jeremey
    > Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 14:30:05 +1100
    > From: Jeremy Bradley <>
    > Subject: RE: Rumsfeld Says...
    > At 10:18 PM 5/03/02 +0000, you wrote:
    >> Hi Vincent.
    >> Yes we do seem to anthropormorphise about 'native' populations. I see little
    >> difference between their behaviours WRT the enviroment vs resource need that
    >> we have today. The problem is when laws are drafted to support this Golden
    >> Age. The saga of Kennewick man and the tribes that claim him as an elder is
    >> a case in point.
    >> Regards
    >> Steve
    > Steve
    > This is taking the dehumanising of "native populations" to the limits. Even
    > as we emerge from the dark ages of an assumption of white supremacy it is
    > unnecessary to anthropomorphise those who are clearly human. Also,
    > generalisations on the behaviours of 'natives' are ludicrous. It would have
    > been more accurate to have ended your second sentence after the third word.
    > If you would care to rectify your misconceptions, check out Knudson and
    > Suzuki's Wisdom of the Elders. You will find that there was a vast spread
    > of practices in relation to resource use, most of them sustainable.
    > More in sorrow than in anger
    > Jeremy

    My intentions were not to denigrate any indigenous cultures as such but
    were concerned that with the guilt that is felt necessary to display by the
    white culture that destroyed them, the arc could have swung to far the other
    way. my reference to Kennewick man concerned the fact that although the
    bones appeared to be Caucasoid and something like 9000 years old, that they
    must be have been indigenous due to the fact that in North America, the
    indigenous have been there 'forever" their words not mine. This is a
    preposterous notion as I'm sure you'll agree. But they have some laws on
    their side due to guilt appeasement in the USA and the science of human
    dispersion suffers because of it. they also lose credibility if it is
    Caucasoid, rather than Mongoloid.

    It is fairly easy to be at one with nature when you are on foot, as hunting
    is very difficult. That said, America appeared to lack the diversity of
    browsers that one might expect of a continent its size, not to mention being
    short of serious predators. In Europe they eliminated the lions, hyena's
    etc... Archaeological evidence suggest that driving the herds of bison over
    cliff was used, as the carcasses had been butchered but much had been wasted
    when they examined the cut marks. Of course the herd could have run off the
    cliff for other reasons, though given the lack of predators on the plains
    that could tackle a herd of bison, it is difficult to accept.

    The noble savage can be traced, IMO, to Rousseau, and that is the guilt that
    we try to assuage to this day.

    The destruction of indigenous peoples was a disgrace, but they were not the
    beatniks that people like to think they were.

    They were as me and thee, just without transport to conduct serious warfare.

    Query. was there anything before the Europeans came that could have been
    used as transport in Australia?

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