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    Hi Jeremy

    > Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 17:28:16 +1100
    > From: Jeremy Bradley <>
    > Subject: RE: Rumsfeld Says He May Drop New Office of Influence
    > At 12:31 PM 5/03/02 -0000, you wrote:
    > Snip........
    > I don't want to stir up the Aussies on the list, but there seems to be two
    >> diametrically opposite views about aboriginals in Oz, either the traditional
    >> colonial one of disdain and control (evidenced by Prince Phillip's spear
    >> throwing comments the other day- oh we Brits are so proud...), or a
    >> guilt-ridden over-celebration and over-estimation of their culture and
    >> capabilities (a bit like those pro-native americans who refuse to accept
    >> that the Anasazi might have been ritualistic cannibals as the archeology
    >> strongly suggests).
    >> Vincent
    > Vincent
    > Egotistical, barbaric colonists came here to Australia a mere 214 years
    > ago. They disobeyed their King, International Law and their instructions
    > from the Colonial Office; not to mention their Church.
    > In that short span of time they and their 'civilised' descendants caused so
    > much damage socially and environmentally that it is a tragedy of
    > inconceivable proportions. I have had the opportunity to live with several
    > 'tribal' groups and I have no hesitation in assuring you that these are
    > civilised people in any sense of the word. It is a part of the process of
    > inter racial conflict to denigrate those whom you would dispossess. It is a
    > shame that to speak up on their behalf is to invite such as yourself to
    > indulge in name-calling, but you are not the first and you won't be the last.
    > Yes, at times (and under special circumstances), some of the Australian
    > peoples also participated in what may today be thought of as 'uncivilised'
    > practices, but they never plundered or massacred like their invaders and
    > they did live sustainably. If we can learn to do likewise, I will be
    > impressed by that too.
    > Jeremy

    I have a little sympathy with your point of view, though my knowledge comes
    only from books and documentaries, and not much of them either. From what i
    understand, they did not really catch on to the idea of armed resistance
    that other cultures did, such as the North Americans and the South African
    etc, indigenous populations.

    I did note that IIRC (now i know what it means!), that New Scientist did an
    article about how the first evidence of cave art can be found in Australia,
    and that it also depicts a boat. I can't check this as i don't subscribe to
    NS, and i can't check my files at the moment as i don't have acopy of
    Appleworks to decode my files. Sorry.



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