Re: Why Memeoids?

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Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 03:01:50 GMT

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    From: Scott Chase

    > >Hi All
    > >In browsing the back E-mails I came across this nasty little meme. It is
    > >the contagious idea that only Jews are Semites, (I have had the
    > >'anti-Semitic' tag thrown at me by all kinds of fundies for supporting the
    > >rights of Palestinians to be unmolested in their own lands).
    > >The word 'Semite' refers to all those races derived from Shem, (I quote
    > >The Oxford) "including Hebrews.Arabs & Assyrians."
    > >See Genesis 9 18-27 for the genesis of the problem and then the rest of
    > >the 'Old Testament' for the history of the Levantine problem.
    > >Yours
    > >Jeremy
    > >
    > I don't have an OED handy to look up the origin of the word "anti-
    > Semitism", but my MWCD10 says: "hostility toward or discrimination
    > against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group". It gives the coinage
    > date as 1882. I can look it up in the OED tomorrow for more details, but
    > though Semite is a more general reference, it would tentatively seem that
    > anti-Semitism specifically refers to hatred of Jews.

    That's the problem right there. We know that "Semitic" includes people
    other than Jews, yet we feel it's somehow logical that "anti-Semitic" apply only to Jewish victims of violence. Arabs, of course, couldn't possibly be victims because they're all thugs. Clear-cut example of a rogue meme exploiting our racism to propagate itself. By the patho-logic of the meme, pointing out Jewish persecution of Semites is anti-Semitic.


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