Re: Example of an aggresive irrational meme

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Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 00:45:14 GMT

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    On Friday, March 1, 2002, at 05:47 , Steve Drew wrote:

    > Btw, what the hell is a MIME format (Meant to ask this a while ago, as
    > well
    > as what is IIRC?)

    If I Recall Correctly. (Youse guys really do need to get hip to these
    very common internet abbreviations.)

    MIME is a bit more ungeneral.

    Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

    This document provides links to information about Multipurpose Internet
    Mail Extensions (MIME). MIME extends the format of Internet mail to
    allow non-US-ASCII textual messages, non-textual messages, multipart
    message bodies, and non-US-ASCII information in message headers.


    STD 11, RFC 822, defines a message representation protocol specifying
    considerable detail about US-ASCII message headers, and leaves the
    message content, or message body, as flat US-ASCII text. This set of
    documents, collectively called the Multipurpose Internet Mail
    Extensions, or MIME, redefines the format of messages to allow for

    1. textual message bodies in character sets other than US-ASCII,

    2. an extensible set of different formats for non-textual message

    3. multi-part message bodies, and

    4. textual header information in character sets other than US-ASCII.

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