Re: Rumsfeld Says He May Drop New Office of Influence

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Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 12:20:41 GMT

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    Hi - moving from lurking, as this seemed to require a few comments....

    > The genetic need to defend one's territory against members of one's own
    > species is ingrained in the DNA of just about every animal on earth. The
    > funny part is, we don't defend our territory against other species, only
    > own.

    There is a fairly bouyant market in bug sprays, rat powder, and rifles for
    shooting deer, birds, and other small cute furry things, spiders & snakes
    are seldom welcomed with open arms. If it ain't domesticated it ain't

    > Even the laws of most countries make allowances for people when they
    > "my home, my family, my children, my beliefs, my property." If you shoot
    > stranger on the street, you go to jail for murder. If you shoot a
    > in your home or while they are attacking your children, or your person, it
    > is called self defense and not prosecuted.

    Thats pretty unique to the US, actually. In Europe, much of Asia & Latin
    America, and even most of the other ex-British colonies' legal systems this
    would not be tolerated.

    > Have you read Guns, Germs and Steel? Jared Diamond describes pacific
    > islanders doing it. It's a universal trait that has nothing to do with
    > of food or social chaos. It's the duty of the alpha male of every mammal
    > species I'm aware of to defend his women and his territory.

    I thought Diamond's thesis was more that any species that could expand its
    territory, would. Those that could defend, would do so (he does IIRC mention
    peaceful humans that could not), but if they had not bred the requisite
    guns, germs etc they would not succeed anyway, and that those GG&S were more
    due to geographical luck than any innate humn sub-species'



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