Re: Why memeoids?

From: Jeremy Bradley (
Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 23:32:53 GMT

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     They would probably dislike us less if we were a theocracy (ie-
    >> >>people of the book...the law stemming from that book) and an Islamic
    >> >>theocracy at that. Rabid anti-Semitism might get us more brownie points.
    >> >>
    Hi All
    In browsing the back E-mails I came across this nasty little meme. It is
    the contagious idea that only Jews are Semites, (I have had the
    'anti-Semitic' tag thrown at me by all kinds of fundies for supporting the
    rights of Palestinians to be unmolested in their own lands).
    The word 'Semite' refers to all those races derived from Shem, (I quote The
    Oxford) "including Hebrews…Arabs & Assyrians." So unless we support the
    idea that present day Middle Eastern Moslems are all somehow survivors of
    the post-Exodus genocide of Canaanites, they are mostly Semites. This does
    not include those Moslems to the east of Iran as they were probably not
    even related (mythically or not) to Noah who was the father Shem and
    grandfather of Canaan.
    See Genesis 9 18-27 for the genesis of the problem and then the rest of the
    'Old Testament' for the history of the Levantine problem.

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