RE: Breath Mints: A Hot War for America's Cool Mouths

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Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 13:37:11 GMT

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    On 02/27/02 01:35, Keith Henson said this-

    >I think by analogy plant and animal breeders practiced their trade for
    >millennia before enough was understood to do genetic engineering.

    I think by analogy, salesmen and priests practiced their trade for
    millennia before enough was understood to do public relations.

    (Although, what do we do with the teachers and the apprentices....)

    >While any particular one may not be effective, I would expect
    >effective memetic engineering to emerge within at most a decade of two.

    If your first statement is to stand, along with my expanded analogy, your
    last is disproved.

    _If_ we are to think that memetics is somehow tied to the psychology of
    influence, then we have had memetic engineers for as long as we've had

    But if we are to place memetics along with genetics as scientific
    investigations into the mechanics of (specifically mindful) life, then,
    it is those mechanics, not a technology exploiting them, that is
    memetics, and as genetics moves into the era of altering the path of
    evolution along man-made corridors, then perhaps, yes, as you say,
    'effective' memetic engineering (again, allowing the phrase to stand),
    might begin to emerge and create MEO's to go along with the GEO's on our
    plates and in our cradles.

    Brave new world.

    - Wade

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