Re: Fwd: When rage fuels world's 'lost boys'

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Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 23:06:32 GMT

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    Hi Grant

    > Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 20:38:45 -0800
    > From: "Grant Callaghan" <>
    > Subject: Re: Fwd: When rage fuels world's 'lost boys'
    >> Add in many of the wars in Africa where children have been used, males for
    >> the fighting and girls and women as commodities and prizes, and the
    >> problems
    >> are set to continue.
    >> If memetics does develop into a useful tool, it should be to stop shit like
    >> this, and not for selling mouthwash.
    >> Got to have some optimism, else why get up in the morning.
    >> regards
    >> Steve
    > I wonder, by the way, what's driving young boys in France to go around
    > setting cars on fire. They interviewed one on TV today and he said it was
    > just for fun, as he sat twiddling with a TV game and grinning sheepishly.
    > Grant

    I'm not sure about France, but here in the UK they do it to get rid of the
    forensics. According to my nephew who rides in stolen cars it is for the fun
    of driving. Unfortunately for him and fortunately for the cops, him and his
    mates are lousy drivers who crash or are caught, and haven't cottoned on to
    this. I took him to a motorcycle rally to give him an idea of what you can
    do when you are allowed to have a license etc and also to talk to him. His
    'well thought out answer'? "I dunno. It's a laugh" Once i got beyond that
    and got him to think about what he was doing and the consequences for the
    future he started to think. Unfortunately, as you might guess, back home
    after the rally, two jobs down the pan and back in the mess. My guess, and
    it is only that, is that the peer pressure on the young today is far more
    intense than the kind i experienced as a kid. (He's 16 i'm 38). Given his
    residential area and circumstances he will have a hard job breaking away.

    And my ultimate advice? If you are going to do crime, make it white collar
    and non violent. The pay is better and so are the prisons. :-)

    The other reason could be that famous Gallic enuie



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