Re: Two financial thought contagion papers now online

Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 02:40:16 GMT

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    In a message dated 2/25/2002 12:03:22 PM Central Standard Time, Scott Chase
    <> writes:

    > > > Is that the same Alan Greenspan who wrote the essays "Antitrust",
    > >and
    > > > Economic Freedom", and "The Assault on Integrity" which were
    > >in
    > > > Ayn Rand's _Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal_? What's he up to these
    > >;-)
    > >
    > >I think he was named Chieftain of the Joint Chairs of Staff, or
    > >something. Maybe I should take a course in Greenspanology and
    > >go read those essays!
    > >
    > >
    > He's the big cheese of the Federal Reserve. In other words, if he wakes up
    > with a headache, the stock market drops a couple points.

    Yes, I know which Greenspan you meant, though on an
    international list it might not hurt to mention it. My "Chieftain of the
    Joint Chairs" joke was an allusion to the fact that there is indeed
    much that I don't know about Greenspan!

    > The psychobiographical tie-in with Objectivism and Rand is worth a deeper
    > look for those so inclined, though I'm not sure how committed Greenspan is
    > or was to Rand's philosophy.
    > I'd assume Objectivism has had a reasonable degree of propagation within
    > American culture as a sort of neo-classical form of laissez-faire
    > combined with Apollonian (versus Dionysian) egoism and naive realism (the
    > sort that casually side-steps Hume's problems and demonizes Kant).

    Ayn Rand has become almost a cult figure in some circles
    here in the USA. Thanks for pointing out the early Greenspan
    essays, regardless how much they indicate about his current
    thinking. His early connection to Rand may have scored him
    some political points with the Reagan administration that
    appointed him.

    --Aaron Lynch

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