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    Hi Steve Drew -

    >>> But from the point of
    >>> view of the group nothing different has occurred.
    >> Ah, but from the point of view of the group something _has_ occurred-
    >> someone has joined them.

    >I suppose, though i was really referring to their behaviours and the
    >perspective of the group. As i noted earlier, the performers intentions are
    >irrelevant to the observer.

    But when the observer becomes a performer- one of the group, there is
    quite a relevance. In fact, much of ritual and acceptance is all about
    this. Initiations. Diplomas. Certificates. Licenses. Tattoos.

    _All_ cultures don't really want anyone to be outside looking in.
    (Multi-culturalism is a nice little fairy tale, though, ain't it?)

    Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. If you stay too long in
    one place, it is rare not to be. This was my 'inertia' statement. It's
    just the way it is. One's religion is pretty much a foregone conclusion
    unless there is some movement (either in distance or information) about
    the choices. Thus, one picks fruit from a tree if that is all one ever
    sees or knows, and starves when there is a grocery store.

    Water, water, everywhere, and nary a drop to drink. Except from this cup
    that's been there forever, filled by the village fathers.

    Yes, we need more cups and less villages.

    - Wade

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