Fwd: When rage fuels world's 'lost boys'

From: Steve Drew (srdrew_1@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Feb 25 2002 - 23:01:49 GMT

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    Subject: Fwd: When rage fuels world's 'lost boys'
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    > Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 15:45:49 -0500
    > From: "Wade T.Smith" <wade_smith@harvard.edu>
    > Subject: Fwd: When rage fuels world's 'lost boys'
    > When rage fuels world's 'lost boys'
    > By Caryl Rivers, Globe Staff, 2/24/2002

    Interesting, and at the same time familiar. The concept of young
    disillusioned young males is also regarded as part of the problem with
    rising crime in the West. They have been 'promised' a life of consuming
    goods by the tv etc but are becoming alienated from society when many of
    them cannot achieve it. In some respects we should count ourselves lucky in
    the west that the alternatives aren't as 'bad' (a choice between crime and
    war). But, and there is always one, the possibility of dismal prospects for
    women world wide is a real one. As someone has mentioned, and has also been
    reported in the papers, the regime in Afghanistan that buried women waist
    deep before stoning them (and allowing the men to remain unburied whilst
    stoning them) and whoever gets away is free, has been replaced by people
    who.... propose the same. It would be Pythonesque if it were not real.

    Add in many of the wars in Africa where children have been used, males for
    the fighting and girls and women as commodities and prizes, and the problems
    are set to continue.

    If memetics does develop into a useful tool, it should be to stop shit like
    this, and not for selling mouthwash.

    Got to have some optimism, else why get up in the morning.



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