Re: Systematics and Memetics:Towards a Memetic Species

Date: Sun Feb 24 2002 - 19:28:28 GMT

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    > Subj: Systematics and Memetics:Towards a Memetic Species

    Hi Randall.

    I don't use the word species, but I do discuss some mechanisms that might be
    seen as analogous to speciation in my paper "Units, Events, and Dynamics in
    the Evolutionary Epidemiology of Ideas" at The most relevant section is
    "Section 14 - Qualitative and Quantitative Evolution: Population Creativity."
    It discusses the sometimes rapid emergence of combinations of ideas, as well
    as new ideas in widely separated people -- all in propagation mechanic terms.

    --Aaron Lynch

    PS, Thanks to Steve Drew for re-trying the stock market papers at His earlier problem in accessing a paper appears to
    have been some momentary glitch.

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