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Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 03:59:06 GMT

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    Keith said:

    >Not exactly. But the government had been convince prior to that by
    >demonstrations of firepower or wealth that the western world's ways
    >were worth teaching and to some degree or another, displacing the
    >tribal ways.

    I agree. And not just the government either; the people in the
    village with their radios and plastic shoes were convinced too. But
    then I don't agree with the prime directive anymore. The decision of
    what to adopt or not adopt should be up to the people doing the

    What got me fired up is the USAID project which spent several million
    dollars helping develop the national curriculum *including the social
    studies curriculum* which they edited *heavily* - with references to
    failures of the Russian economy (this was when there was still a
    USSR) but no mention of homelessness, drugs, pollution, etc here in
    the US. To me that counts as withholding information from people who
    need it in order to make wise decisions for their country.

    USAID basically positioned itself to control the memetic content of
    the education of the generation to come. And if the gov't didn't
    like it, they risked losing all that money/infrastructure. So they
    dragged their feet and delayed publication....African style....while
    USAID built the buildings and brought in computers and taught people
    how to use them. I never heard what happened after I left.

    >Is the 1850s cattle killing still alive for people in that part of the world?

    What cattle killing? Do you mean the range wars in the American West?

    Cattle were *the* measure of wealth there - and were "hoarded".
    Overgrazing and desertification were major issues facing the country.
    Before AIDS came along, that is.


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