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Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 01:37:46 GMT

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    At 01:50 PM 21/02/02 -0500, Francesca S. Alcorn wrote:


    >There were plenty of science and math teachers in my village. I was one
    >myself, and I'm still alive AFAIK. The difference between us and
    >missionaries was that we were there at the local government's invitation
    >(not us personally, but our program) and *they* weren't. It ain't cultural
    >imperialism if you've got an invite.

    Not exactly. But the government had been convince prior to that by
    demonstrations of firepower or wealth that the western world's ways were
    worth teaching and to some degree or another, displacing the tribal ways.

    Is the 1850s cattle killing still alive for people in that part of the world?


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