RE: Debate opens anew on language and its effect on cognition

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Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 15:37:43 GMT

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    > On a hunch it wasn't Bergman, I just looked it up on IMDB, and
    >discovered it to be a 1967 film by Vilgot Sjoman, of Sweden. It's correct
    >title is 'Jag ar nyfiken- en film i gult' (any Swedish list members to
    >translate?), and was called 'I am curious yellow' in the USA. It was banned
    >in Finland and Norway until 1970, and, initially, seized at US customs. It
    >used a mix of fiction and documentary techniques, was sexually explicit and
    >politically controversial.
    > The films you guys watched in your youth.....
    > Vincent
    > [ps The Fall song is indeed called 'I am curious Orange' and is
    >loosely about William of Orange, and the film is an apparent influence also]
    > [pps, do I win the Gold Medal for trivial list contributions?]

    Yes, but it is *so* cultured. My only contribution is: "Don't eat
    yellow snow."


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