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Date: Thu Feb 21 2002 - 02:37:27 GMT

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    On Wednesday, February 20, 2002, at 09:01 , Dace wrote:

    > As I've stated, memory involves reconstruction for the very simple
    > reason
    > that the past has no spatial or material existence. 

    Even though it was right there, just a moment ago. But yes, I can
    concede your point, on a philosophical level, under one narrow and
    semantic definition of 'past'.

    > We have to recreate the
    > appearance of recollected events. 

    Says who? Why do you think we all have to be internalist screenwriters?

    > We go "back in time" in our minds, not
    > our bodies. 

    And there you go again, putting the mind somewhere where it ain't got
    any right being, somewhere other than in the body.

    > If, on the other hand, memories are stored in the brain,

    There ain't no other hand.

    > our
    > recall should be as precise and accurate as a computer retrieving data.

    You have a truly distorted sense of how memories are stored and how
    precise the brain is, it seems.

    > That our memories are reconstructed is a problem for the mechanistic
    > view,
    > not mine.

    Au contraire, one has to provide some proof that memories _are_
    reconstructed, in the first place.

    - Wade

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