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Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 19:55:25 GMT

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    From: Steve Drew <>

    > I suspect that group conformity is one of those things that straddle the
    > meme-gene divide. I presume that like the other apes, we evolved in group
    > situations, and that a lot of our behaviours are a result of this. that
    > however, we now no longer live in immediate family groupings, and tend to
    > have only tenuous familial links with many of the people we know. Hence
    > behaviours are genetic but our choices of group are memetic. If you
    > the ultimate loner - the hermit or recluse, they are still regarded as
    > much outside the norm and still generate a sense of wonder and fear.

    Hi Steve,

    yes, my view exactly ! Our group- bonding mode is no longer accurate.
    Our sense of being, our notion about the Self and our individualism tends
    to disminishing the groups- evolution.

    Although many of us tends to keep the group- notion in office !
    As I experience in restaurants, people tend despite the fact there are
    good tables avaible to move up closer to my/ our table.
    People are draw together in a way, it seems.
    Another facet of this, I tend to go in any restaurant of my chosing, even
    if there is no other customer inside ( my individualistic tendency I
    but 5 / 10 minutes later other customers arrive_ many people said to me,
    that I am good for business....Many people don 't dare to enter a restau-
    rant which looks empty...
    Maybe they are afraid that the food is no good..... !?

    A sense of wonder !? Same example... people wonder and look at me
    enjoying my meal on my own... or is it jealously !?
    Sitting alone in a restaurant, is IMO, yes indeed, in other peoples mind,
    outside the norm.
    But on the other hand, people tend to get together outside the immediate
    family groupings.... bars, sport, meetings, concerts, theatre, film,...



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