Re: Debate opens anew on language and its effect on cognition

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Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 19:37:02 GMT

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    Subject: Re: Debate opens anew on language and its effect on cognition
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    Subject: Re: Debate opens anew on language and its effect on cognition

    > On Wednesday, February 20, 2002, at 10:09 , Grant Callaghan wrote:
    > > In Chinese, "yellow journalism" is pornography.
    > Well, there is a phrase on this side of the globe that's exactly the
    > same. But it ain't about pornography, in any sexual sense, although it
    > does indicate journalism tending towards the sensational and
    > rumor-laden. It's more pejorative, and I believe the origin of it was
    > the type of paper used in the printing. There is another, separate (I
    > think) journalistic connection with yellow, originating from one of the
    > first comics, The Yellow Kid.


    The phrase is the ' yellow press ', newspapers that hunt down sensational
    items about the rich and famous.
    There is another one, ' yellow union ', unions who choose the side of the
    employers are called like that.
    We got an expression over here, ' he looks like the yellow envy ', some-
    one is so piss... off with something that he/ she turns yellow, that due to
    working of the gall.
    Also, a blue Monday, ( in Dutch we got the expression, ' running a blue one
    sorry for the translation)_ that means be turned down, be jilted.
    Literally, paleface or whitey is in Dutch " palefart "....

    What a world....



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