Re: Fwd: Pentagon Readies Efforts to Sway Sentiment Abroad

From: Scott Chase (
Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 23:54:28 GMT

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    Subject: Re: Fwd: Pentagon Readies Efforts to Sway Sentiment Abroad
    Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 18:54:28 -0500
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    >From: Steve Drew <>
    >To: Jom-emit <>
    >Subject: Fwd: Pentagon Readies Efforts to Sway Sentiment Abroad
    >Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 21:28:17 +0000
    >Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 11:07:18 -0500
    >From: "Wade T.Smith" <>
    >Subject: Fwd: Pentagon Readies Efforts to Sway Sentiment Abroad
    >Hi Wade.
    >I can't say i'm suprised, nor is it unexpected. Since the Falklands and the
    >revelations of what has emerged about the operations vs what we were told
    >the time, i automatically assume that in conflicts the government is lying
    >(more than usual, or is that too cynical?).
    >In some respects this media manipulation can be traced back to the negative
    >coverage that emerged in the Vietnam war etc, which i'm sure your aware of.
    >The second is that governments now have more control over how the media
    >operates in conflict zones. IMO, this is due in part to governments desire
    >to control information, not necessarily for sinister reasons, and that the
    >conflicts that have gone on since the Falklands have not been what i would
    >call conventional. I.e it can be difficult to tell combatents from
    >non-combatents, (proved useful for Bush as well), making war reporting a
    >more dangerous job than it already was. Loving your job is one thing but
    >dying for it is another when you are not sure who is who in a conflict.
    >Shades of Anthem from Dirk Gently? - they should wish!
    I wonder what the *real* story behind the recent British invasion of Spain
    was. Did the Royal Marines really make a mistake (oops wrong beach) or were
    they foreshadowing newfound British colonialism? We over here on the other
    side of the pond better keep an eye on our coastlines for Her Majesty's
    ships, lest we lose our independence ;-)

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