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Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 03:48:30 GMT

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    >An example might be (and Grant can correct me if i'm wrong) that of Japan,
    >which sealed its borders to the outside world, which it considered
    >With the landing of the Americans in the 19th Century, and the realisation
    >that they had to change to survive, there was a top down change in Japan,
    >with rapid industrialisation and militarisation, though retaining many of
    >the old social structures, some of which remain to this day.
    >On the flip side, you have things like the Solidarity movement in Poland
    >which came from the bottom up, ie from individuals grouping together to
    >challenge the state.
    >If culture change were easily explained we would have now't ta talk a'bah't
    >(that old Yorkshire dialect)
    You got it about right. The Meiji Restoration was about restoring the power
    of the Emperfor and the dominance of the samurai class. You can't get much
    more top down than that.


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