Memes and CUlture Wars

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    I am currently reading the book on "Cultural
    Creatives" which proposes the USA is split between
    three cultures.

    Firstly we have the Modernists as follows

    8% 11 million American adults are "Business
    conservatives", upper middle to upper class people, of
    whom 59% are in the top income level. or them
    modernism and capitalism are working and they want it
    kep that way

    12% 23 million American adults are "conventional
    moderns". They dislike the cultures of "traditionals"
    and "cultural creatives". They are cynical about
    politics and disgruntled aout society, but work hard
    for private family interest.

    13% 25 million American adults are the "striving
    centre". Just below middle income, they strive for
    upward mobility and success and inclusion, white
    collar, lower paid professionals and small business
    people, lean to conservative religion.

    15% 29 million American adults are "alienated
    moderns", including a large proportion of "angry white
    males", and about 50% drawn from the blue collar
    workforce. These are falling into poverty as a result
    of economic globalisation.

    Total 51% of the population

    The first "counter culture" to this - which started
    over a century ago as a reaction to the moderns are
    the "traditionals".

    They are split into two

    10% 14 million American adults "new traditionals" are
    the Moral Mojority types, politically active,
    anti-abortion, anti feminist, fundamentalist, upwardly
    mobile, defend private ownership (form an alliance
    with "business conservatives" on many matters)

    14% 19 million American adults "old conservatives" who
    distrust politicians and politics. Anti-big money,
    small town, family values, religiously conservative,
    generally downwardly mobile. Farmers, small business

    Cultural Creatives are roughly equally split between

    12% 24 million Adult Americans are the "core
    creatives" wwho openly espouse Cultural Creative
    vaules. Post consumer, they espouse ecology and
    environmentalism, feminism, support alternative health
    care, self actualisation, peace, social justice,
    participatory democracy and spiritual growth (raher
    than religious conservatism).

    13% 26 million American adults are "green cultural
    creatives, follow environmental concerns or social
    issues. Of average interest in the spiritual or
    personal-growth dimension of cultural creatives, are
    less well educated and less activist than the core

    Cultural Creatives are the last of the three cultures
    to emerge, having emerged as a result of the 1960s
    generation and their "children" and cultural
    successors. About 60% of Cultural Creatives are

    Cultural creatives are the fastest growing group.
    They gave grown from 5% of the population in 1985, so
    both traditional and modern numbers have been

    If this analysis by Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson,
    based on close interviews of 100,000 people are
    correct, we could expect there would be three sets of
    "memeplexes" currently competing for adherents in
    America at the moment.

    It is interesting that there are different attitudes
    between these various groups. There is also a growing
    split between these groups over most issues, and a
    constant jockeying and alliance building for adherents
    and power to be able to "swing supporters" into action
    about different issues.

    Interested in other's thoughts.



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