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Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 22:13:07 GMT

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    >>According to my ethology book (Ethology: the Mechanisms and Evolution
    >>of Behavior by James L. Gould) the less-offspring/more-investment
    >>strategy (called K-strategy) occurs in "habitats with relatively
    >> (snip)

    Grant said:

    >That seems like a very abstract way of putting it. What do the
    >letters "k" and "r" stand for? Social standing is just as important
    >in my view as resources, although people with high social standing
    >usually have access to more resources. I remember the marxist
    >societies of China and Eastern Europe where salaries were pretty
    >much fixed and not too far apart that social standing got one
    >limosines to travel around in and a lot of privileges as far as
    >things such as dachas in russia and superior housing in China. You
    >don't have to own something if you have unlimited use of it. Just
    >the privilege of going to the head of the line was worth a lot in
    >the Soviet Union.

    r stands for the species specific maximum growth rate. K stands for
    the carrying capacity, where K is whatever resource sets the the
    limit. There are a couple of mathematical equations and a graph
    which I will not try to render in Eudora. But the book is one of my
    all-time favorites, so I can't recommend it highly enough.


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