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    >From: Philip Jonkers <>
    >> I think an attitude of skepsis has an optimum in effectiveness regarding
    >> survivability. To some extent being skeptical obviously is useful as it
    >> allows for
    >> implementation of a selective filter for memes. The `don't believe
    >> everything you
    >> breathe' meme. On the other hand being extremely skeptical ultimately
    >> social exclusion as you don't believe anything or anybody. You will then
    >> fail to function in any social environment which requires group conformity
    >> and unison of thought and behavior.

    Kenneth wrote:

    >A. Appiah writes, " social repoduction [ that is leaning the traits, habits
    >rules] brings out collective goals ". But IMO that doesn 't mean that the
    >social reproduction is " collective " in nature like eveybody seems to
    > It is individualistic and the result is some culture and that is what we
    >but the underlieing bias is not Dawinian ' collective ' ( group related) !!
    >Group conformity is just another meme, not a fact !

    I question whether this is a meme or a genetic predisposition. Group
    conformity might be strongly biologically driven: it seems to be part
    of what drives our us/them recognition pattern.

    I don't know that everyone thinks social reproduction is collective.
    I have been playing around with the idea, but I don't know where
    everyone else on the list stands on this point. I suspect that just
    as organisms exist at a single-cell and multi-cell level; just as
    there are emergent properties, there has to be a word that recognizes
    processes that function across/at all levels of complexity.


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