Re: Memes Meta-Memes and Politics 1 of 3 (1988, updates 2002)

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Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 15:44:02 GMT

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    Subject: Re: Memes Meta-Memes and Politics 1 of 3 (1988, updates 2002)
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    >Subject: Re: Memes Meta-Memes and Politics 1 of 3 (1988, updates 2002)
    >Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 10:00:11 -0500
    >At 09:51 PM 17/02/02 -0800, you wrote:
    >> >Japan, are all too well known. I have proposed the term "memeoid" for
    >> >people whose behavior is so strongly influenced by a replicating
    >> >information pattern (meme) that their survival becomes inconsequential
    >> >in their own minds.
    >> >
    >>I use the term "memebots" to refer to the same phenomenon.
    >I might have used "memebot" myself if I was coining the word today, but in
    >the early 80s the -bot was not yet being used. It will be interesting to
    >see which term survives if one of them goes out of use.
    >To put a measure on it, today memeoid gets 38 hits in Google, memebot gets
    >18. The varient spelling memoid get 170 hits but most may not be related.
    >Keith Henson
    Google would probably make a good substitute for polling if some people
    didn't get so many more votes for what they believe than others. The silent
    majority get no votes at all. As on any other media, on the Net a
    (relatively) few people shape the impressions of the reader as to what the
    masses are talking and thinking about.


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