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Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 15:09:37 GMT

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    At 11:50 PM 17/02/02 -0800, "Dace" <> wrote:

    >From: Joe Dees
    > > > If time is intrinsically real, then it doesn't need matter to exist. In
    > > >other words, the past still exists.
    > > >
    > > The past does not 'still' exist; if it did, it would not be the past, but
    >the present.
    >Memory is when something is *mentally* present without being materially

    I have stayed out of this thread but this is just *silly.* The method by
    which sea slugs form memory is well understood. This has been elaborated
    by William Calvin and many others to the point we have a fairly good idea
    of how memory is created and accessed. Not one of the researchers in this
    area have ever proposed a non-physical basis for memory any more than they
    would propose a non-physical basis for magnetic storage.

    Keith Henson

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