Re: draft abstract Sex, Drugs and Cults

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Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 14:09:52 GMT

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    Kenneth said:

    >I don 't know, this sounds somewhat strange to me.
    >I got a lot attention in doing my work from my boss(es) and colleagues
    >and that due that I get the work done in a reasonable time ( others don 't
    >like the stress and don 't like working together with allochtones) but the
    >only reward I get is my money on the end of the month.

    But if you think about it in terms of reciprocal altruism: we used
    to live in small groups where people could keep track of who had
    accrued most favors - kind of like the "godfather". But this limited
    us to staying within a certain group, or starting from scratch when
    you move to another group. Money is a way of accumulating the social
    regard of your boss, and transferring it to another social situation
    (the grocery store) where they will give you stuff because you have
    proof of your boss's regard. So money is not purely economic, it is
    also social.


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