memetic species

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Date: Mon Feb 18 2002 - 03:05:01 GMT

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    On Sunday, February 17, 2002, at 09:26 , Joe Dees wrote:

    > Actually, different species of birds build differently constructed
    > nests, and different species of spiders construct differently
    > configured webs, and different species of termites build differently
    > configured mounds, but the same species of each construct very similar
    > nests and webs and mounds.

    Absolutely no argument. These things are indicative of speciation and
    environment altering behavior.

    > People, OTOH, although all members of a single species, construct
    > vastly differing homes in different locations with differing histories,
    > even where they have common materials.

    But, culture itself could be memetic speciation, yes? (We all do build
    shelters and have....) Similarities are just as numerous as differences.
    Many geographically diverse peoples made round dwellings, for instance.
    Many use wood. There were cave and troglodyte societies in several
    areas. I don't see your argument as valid against any skepticism about
    culture being a sociobiologic phemonemon- it is merely a statement of
    memetic environmentalism.

    - Wade

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