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    On Sunday, February 17, 2002, at 04:25 , Dace wrote:

    > The concept of
    > memory implies that the past is in some way present.

    I'm still agape at what 'memory' means to you. Of course memories are
    present- they are neurochemical creations of the brain, part of the
    process that evolution selected for.

    At any rate, the concept of 'the past being present' (whatever that
    means) has nothing to do with it.

    (What, indeed, does the 'concept' of memory have to do with it, Tina

    You might have a photo of yourself at age 10. This photo is here in the
    present. It is not, however, the past, or a concept of the past, or some
    implication that you are presently ten years old. It is a remembrance,
    in chemical and paper, from the past, and if carefully maintained, may
    outlive you into the future. It is an artifact, just as the process of
    the brain that produces the remembrance of having that photo taken is.

    Webster's -- memory- noun- the store [artifacts] of things learned and
    retained from an organism's activity or experience as evidenced by
    modification of structure or behavior [memes] or by recall and
    recognition [brain processes].

    - Wade

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