Fw: The necessity of mental memes

From: Kenneth Van Oost (Kenneth.Van.Oost@village.uunet.be)
Date: Sun Feb 17 2002 - 19:36:10 GMT

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    > ----- Original Message -----
    > From: Grant Callaghan <grantc4@hotmail.com>
    > > What I dislike in the choice of the word "contagion" to describe the
    > passing
    > > of information is the implication that the receiver has no choice but to
    > be
    > > "infected" by the idea. It also has connotations of sickness and a
    > process
    > > that leads to death. Most of the bacteria and a lot of the viruses that
    > > invade our body do so harmlessly. Some are killers. But we have little
    > > choice about catching the flu or HIV.
    > Hi Grant,
    > Long time no see !
    > For a moment I thought you meant this, but I hope you expresses this not
    > in a literal sense !?
    > If so, I can 't agree !
    > I see you point that once infected with the flu or HIV for that matter
    > there is no escape ( yet), but you do have a choise !
    > Keeping yourself warm or don 't sit in the draft would dismishing your
    > chances for getting the flu and the use of condoms would protect you
    > from catching HIV.
    > And for a good understanding, I agree that in the case of memes taking
    > up by people can lead to sickness or to death, but how would you explain
    > what is happening in Africa !?
    > HIV is killing a lot of people, the use of condoms would lead to some
    > higher survival- rate, the beliefs of the African peoples see in the
    > a from of witchcraft and the catholic churches are playing with even
    > stakes. I belief that memes can be that strong to hold on to what Africa
    > beliefs in, but not to the standard that they are willing to wipe out a
    > whole
    > continent in order to propagate !?
    > IMO, and I don 't say that is your point of view, the little choises we
    > should
    > have about catching the flu or HIV are political inspired.
    > How would a society be stronger if its population is too sick to do
    > !?
    > How can you explain such an adaption, in the sense of an ever changing
    > world- wide environment if not, memes are willing to wipe out the whole
    > of the African population for a better cause and that would be than the
    > survival of other memes. Are our memes then stronger, better,... more
    > adaptive, creative,...!?
    > Saying in a sense, that you have no choise, is IMO not ethical correct,
    > the African people DO have a choise, but it is maybe not theirs to make
    > so to speak. It is maybe OUR choise in which ways we protect OUR community
    > that lies a dark shadow over the African continent.
    > And maybe there is deep inside of our ( Western) Self an individual
    > core which indeed hinders ( the black) others if families and societies
    > are blocking our ways to a further development.
    > The terms virus and contaigon are in such a context well placed and are
    > likely being used in the future. And their emotional baggage is essential
    > in order in getting Africa ' alive ', again.
    > Regards,
    > Kenneth

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