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Date: Sun Feb 17 2002 - 02:09:32 GMT

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    >There's a certain danger in comparing us to a cancer. Those are the
    >sorts of sentiments that can lead human history down dark paths,
    >especially if one group is deemed inferior to another and is
    >referred to as a cancer and calls for eugenic excision leaving the
    >so-called "cream of the crop" start being championed and carried out.
    >I try to be as conservation minded as I can. I've worked intimately
    >with endangered and threatened species in the past and would like to
    >see a better situation where human impact on non-human life is
    >minimized, but I'm as scared about what some people might consider
    >solutions to our ecological problems as I am about the problems
    >themselves. I'm opposed to putting the human species on a pedestal,
    >but going the other way and nihilstically dismissing our species as
    >a wasteful cancer ain't a better alternative world-view.

    Don't know if you-all have heard of this but:

    Your ecological footprint:

    The meme of voluntary simplicity is gaining ground.


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