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Date: Sat Feb 16 2002 - 19:19:09 GMT

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    > The martial arts we practice today were handed down from the peaceful
    > buddhists. No civilization has been without its dark and bloody side and
    > the religious ferver that goes with it. It's hard to offer one's body up
    > battle without a belief system to justify the act. It's a way of
    > fear. Fear itself is a soldier's greatest enemy. It gets in the way of
    > what he has to do.

    Their are two sides to that medal though. Fear fuels aggression, the brave
    response to cope with fear. The source of the fear may be life-threatening
    so it better be handled properly. Violent means constitutes one tactical
    The other natural response is to flee of course. (The defeatist way is to
    sit down
    and assume a lethargic state...)
    Therefore at least some degree of fear is not only allowed in times of
    but it is actually desirable! Of course, fear can be paralyzing if
    experienced to too
    high levels. There seems to be an optimum level.

    Have you seen the Rocky movies. The boxing coach Micky would stand in
    for me. (Frankie Fear as the fire within...)


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