Re: An odd addition to the axis of evil

Date: Sat Feb 16 2002 - 05:10:26 GMT

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    In a message dated 2/15/2002 5:06:59 PM Central Standard Time, Ray Recchia
    <> writes:

    > > Hi Ray.
    > >
    > > I interpret the editor's comments as political damage control in the
    > > wake of
    > > coverage in The Times, and probably in other publications. The editor
    > > is
    > > surely aware of the criticisms of neo-conservative xenophobia and
    > > ignorance
    > > by more mainstream thinkers. An example is again the criticism that
    > > erupted
    > > when Pat Robertson called Scotland a "dark land."
    > >
    > > It's also very unlikely that 41% of respondents would all think of the
    > > same
    > > joke, and all play that joke on the same country. There are so many
    > > countries
    > > that any one of them would only be the butt of a much smaller
    > > percentage of
    > > the jokes.
    > >
    > > --Aaron Lynch
    > >
    > Depends on the wording of the question and the number of choices given.
    > I worked in the polling business for two years and I believe it could
    > have happened easily.
    > I occassionally have to eat sandwich of dark feathered bird. It's not
    > always fun but sometimes you are better off just keeping your mouth
    > closed while you chew it.
    > Ray Recchia

    Hi Ray.

    Perhaps I misunderstood Vincent's original post, and the excerpt from
    The Times, but when The Times says that Weekly Standard readers
    were asked to "NOMINATE a fourth member for George W. Bush's Evil
    Axis," I interpret this as meaning that they are asked to write the name
    of a country of their own choosing rather than picking from a small list.
    If there was indeed a very short list, then the 41% might not be
    significant, especially if there were also few respondents.

    --Aaron Lynch

    In a message dated 2/13/2002 6:38:29 AM Central Standard Time, Vincent
    Campbell <> writes:

    > Hi everyone,
    > Saw this in 'The Times' last Friday, thought it was interesting:
    > [From the Media Diary]
    > 'The readers of the Weekly Standard, bible of American neo-conservatives
    > a distant colonial cousin of this newspaper [owned by Murdoch then...],
    > an unusual grasp of foreign affairs. In its Question of the Week section,
    > readers were asked to nominate a fourth member for George W.Bush's Evil
    > of Iran, Iraq and North Korea. Syria was suggested by 32 per cent of
    > readers, Libya by 7 per cent, but the runaway winner was France which
    > 41 per cent.'

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