CAMREC: AISB2000 "Starting from Society": Oral Programme and Call for Posters

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Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 11:44:05 GMT

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    Subject: CAMREC: AISB2000 "Starting from Society": Oral Programme and Call for Posters

                            Starting from Society
     - the application of social analogies to computational systems
            Part of AISB 2000, Birmingham, 17th-20th April 2000.

             Web page:


    *** Wednesday 19th April, Morning ***

    Rosario Conte
            - Intelligent Social Learning

    Bob Price & Craig Boutilier
            - Imitation and Reinformcement Learning with Heterogeneous

    Alexander Staller & Paolo Petta
            - Grounding Social Norms on Emotions

    Christopher Nehaniv
            - The Making of Meaning in Societies: Semiotic &
              Information-Theoretic Background to the Evolution of

    *** Wednesday 19th April, Afternoon ***

    Ian Wright & Michel Aube
            - The Society of Mind Requires an Economy of Mind

    Kerstin Dautenhahn
            - Reverse Engineering of Societies - A Biological Perspective

    Michael Schillo, Steve Allen, Klaus Fischer & Christof Klein
            - Socially Competent Business Agents with Attitude

    Sven Heitsch, Daniela Hinck & Marcel Martens
            - A New Look into Garbage Cans - Petri Nets and Organisational

    Leslie Henrickson
            - Having a Sense of Ourselves: Technology and Personal Identity

    *** Thursday 20th April, Morning ***

    Jim Doran
            - The Archeology of Artificial Societies

    Bruce Edmonds
            - The Inconstructability of Artificial Intelligence - the
              necessary social aspects of an agent that can pass the Turing


    Submissions of posters and position papers possible until the 29th
    Febuary. See web page for details.

    This symposium is designed so as not to clash with the

    AISB2000 invited speakers are:
          What is a proof? (The sociological aspects of the notion of
          - Alan Bundy, University of Edinburgh

          How to train a community of stochastic generative models
          - Geoffrey Hinton, University College London

          An architecture for a society of mind
          - Marvin Minsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

          From intelligent organisms to intelligent social systems: how
          evolution of meta-management supports social/cultural
          - Aaron Sloman, University of Birmingham

    General Information about AISB (including the programms of other
    symposia and registration) can be found at:


    Bruce Edmonds,
    Centre for Policy Modelling,
    Manchester Metropolitan University, Aytoun Bldg.,
    Aytoun St., Manchester, M1 3GH. UK.
    Tel: +44 161 247 6479 Fax: +44 161 247 6802

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