2007.03.23 ABM offers a rigor of the formal description but allows for incorporation of narrative scenarios at the same time. These abilities make it a perfect tool in order to shed some light on nuances of the economic theory where the theory itself is not clear enough. more

2006.11.16 While reading "The Equilibrium of the Firm" I asked myself why do economists tend to write their essays in such non human understandable way?... Simple things and math of the high school level are introduces as if it were rocket science.



Currently I am working as Associate Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School. I am teaching Quantitative Methods in Business and Quantitative Analysis for Business in Aytoun Building .

Teaching Materials

Slides only are not sufficient for the thorough preparation! 

Suggested readings:
  • Booklet: The boklet of course notes is issued in the first lecture.
  • Textbook: Mik Wisniewsky (2005) "Quantitative Methods for Decision Makers" (4th ed.) Financial Times/Pearson

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